I will force myself to write, I will force myself to heal.


Lately, I’ve been really unproductive lately. I somehow can’t find the words to what I’m feeling right now. There are days when I’m just a ball of sunshine, and there are days when I’m just a ball of fatigue. My friends have been worried about me and I too have been worried about myself. I don’t know where this negativity came from, but I will try to get rid of it from my system. I will force myself to heal and be better.



Hello, it’s me again. This is my 3rd attempt in blogging, and hopefully my last. My last two blogs were mainly to follow the trend nowadays. But I have come to the actual realization in my life that I┬ádon’t need anyone’s approval. I just need a venue for my frustration and thoughts. A safe place where I don’t need to pretend.

I’m hoping that I’ll find time maintaining this blog. I have just been so unpredictable these days that even I surprise myself. Sometimes I’m the happiest human in the world, and other times i’m a blob of flesh, bones and insecurities.