Tops Skyline: Busay Cebu

Enrolled in P.E. Walking for Fitness and one of our minor walks was conducted in Tops Skyline located in Busay Cebu. For Cebuanos or Tourists who want to get away from the busy streets of Cebu.

Tops Skyline is located in Busay Cebu, as the name suggests it’s on top of a mountain that views Cebu City. People often go here at night because of the infamous City Lights of Cebu, but some also go here before dawn to jog or hike.

How to get there:

Commute or grab a ride to JY Mall, you will see a lot of habal-habal drivers infront of JY and quite often than not, they’d be the one to approach you and ask if you want to go to Busay Tops. The fee is about 200php to and from JY, be careful of drivers who trick you into paying them more, but if you’re willing to give them a tip it’s on you.

If you want to go there in the morning, I suggest you bring your own water bottle and snacks, there’s only one store located half way up Tops Skyline who sell water to cyclers. But at night, there are restaurants and mini stalls open at the very top.



Half way up the top

The air up there felt good inside my lungs.

At the very top! There are a couple of food stalls here but they only open when the sun sets

We also went to the Temple of Leah which is sort of like the Taj Mahal in Cebu, since it is dedicated to the the wife of Mr. Adarna.


The Temple was still half-baked but you could really see that Mr. Adarna spared no expense into building this Temple

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