Tops Skyline: Busay Cebu

Enrolled in P.E. Walking for Fitness and one of our minor walks was conducted in Tops Skyline located in Busay Cebu. For Cebuanos or Tourists who want to get away from the busy streets of Cebu.

Tops Skyline is located in Busay Cebu, as the name suggests it’s on top of a mountain that views Cebu City. People often go here at night because of the infamous City Lights of Cebu, but some also go here before dawn to jog or hike.

How to get there:

Commute or grab a ride to JY Mall, you will see a lot of habal-habal drivers infront of JY and quite often than not, they’d be the one to approach you and ask if you want to go to Busay Tops. The fee is about 200php to and from JY, be careful of drivers who trick you into paying them more, but if you’re willing to give them a tip it’s on you.

If you want to go there in the morning, I suggest you bring your own water bottle and snacks, there’s only one store located half way up Tops Skyline who sell water to cyclers. But at night, there are restaurants and mini stalls open at the very top.



Half way up the top

The air up there felt good inside my lungs.

At the very top! There are a couple of food stalls here but they only open when the sun sets

We also went to the Temple of Leah which is sort of like the Taj Mahal in Cebu, since it is dedicated to the the wife of Mr. Adarna.


The Temple was still half-baked but you could really see that Mr. Adarna spared no expense into building this Temple


she got lost on her way to the other side of the tunnel
got distracted by the yellow tinge of the lights
that illuminated from the graffiti painted walls
this is what it felt like to be free
she touched the air, letting it tickle her fingers
traced notes on blank spaces that don’t seem to run out
summer days like this were once spent
on damp couches
the stench she could still remember
he was summer
the light that escaped from the gaps of his teeth
and when he left, traces of him stuck on the corners of her apartment
like tear stains on soft cheeks
she got distracted by by the twinkle in his eyes
but she’s making her way to the other side of the tunnel
the cold air wips her hair back
this is what it felt like to be free
this is what it felt like to let him go

all you ever wanted

All you ever wanted was for
someone to hold your hand.
The way shores coddle oceans
and airports nest planes,
like children nestled under its ribs

But my fingers were never used to holding,
there’s dirt under my nails that just
won’t go away.
I have arms that push back hands that burn my chest,
slapping away fingers that were too close for comfort
and holding up signs to scare off sailors
that claimed bodies as if they were land

Then you interlaced your fingers with mine
and maybe, I thought,
You who wanted a hand to grasp
would teach my shaking fingers how to hold

i wish she didn’t

the name of my father
now barely holds a place
in her billowing thoughts
instead she talks about
the things left ungrazed
by the touch of a man

car tools left to
collect cobwebs at the
darkest corner of
the kitchen cabinet

roosters at our backyard
fend for themselves
scratching the earth until
it bleeds something to
satisfy their hunger

the space beside her bed
remains cold and unused
everytime she stirs she feels
that there’s something missing
a pair of arms to hold her
vulnerable frame, perhaps

the light inside the bathroom
remains untouched, broken
and everytime i go in i forget
like the way my mother
sometimes forgets that father
no longer wishes to come back
and I wish she didn’t

I will force myself to write, I will force myself to heal.


Lately, I’ve been really unproductive lately. I somehow can’t find the words to what I’m feeling right now. There are days when I’m just a ball of sunshine, and there are days when I’m just a ball of fatigue. My friends have been worried about me and I too have been worried about myself. I don’t know where this negativity came from, but I will try to get rid of it from my system. I will force myself to heal and be better.


Hello, it’s me again. This is my 3rd attempt in blogging, and hopefully my last. My last two blogs were mainly to follow the trend nowadays. But I have come to the actual realization in my life that I┬ádon’t need anyone’s approval. I just need a venue for my frustration and thoughts. A safe place where I don’t need to pretend.

I’m hoping that I’ll find time maintaining this blog. I have just been so unpredictable these days that even I surprise myself. Sometimes I’m the happiest human in the world, and other times i’m a blob of flesh, bones and insecurities.